The Move To Big Sky Country


What is there to be said about this awesome, beautiful, amazing state, but WOW! I’m blown away to say the least you guys. I have never seen anything so pretty! Between the national forests filled with rolling hills and every kind of wild animal you can think of, to the fresh pine tree air, I cant get enough of it!

So let’s get started with the move. I’ve never moved this far away before and let me tell you, it was an experience to say the least. From getting the Uhaul hitch put on my jeep, driving the uhaul (trying to back up the uhaul, that was a funny sight), to the 10 hour drive up to our now home, Ashland montana.

We left my home of Grand island Nebraska about 7am friday morning. I have lived here pretty much all of my 26 years of existence, minus a year in lincoln Nebraska, but that’s for another post. to say it was hard to leave was an understatement. Any who, like I said, we left at 7am, all of my boyfriend and I’s belongings in tow, along with my 6-year-old dog Gotti, just to turn around a block away because i had forgotten one of the most important things! Gottis beloved chew toy! Have to remember the little things right?

We finally got on the road and it went as smooth as can be! we travelled up through the heart of Nebraska, straight through valentine nebraska, where we got to see part of the famous cowboy trail. The cowboy trail, if you’ve never heard of it, is a trail that runs 321 miles across the northern part of nebraska. Following the old chicago and northwestern rail route, when its finished, will be the worlds longest rail to trail bike trail. For more info on it, check it out here! Nebraska’s cowboy trail

Now onward up through South Dakota, I did not realize how much this state has to offer, so far ive only seen the south central and southeastern part but wow! they’ve got things to keep you busy for a week at least if not 2 or 3. From the badlands, the 1880’s town, and then everything in the black hills i couldn’t believe it. Now we didn’t stop at these places on the way up, but we did stop at all of these and more when we went up for moss'(the awesome Oklahoma native boyfriend) job interview. So in another blog ill be going over each of these IN DEPTH and all they have to offer.

When we got through rapid city South Dakota, and up through bella fourche(it’s a town and no I don’t really know how to pronounce it) we hopped onto highway 212 which took us through the very northeastern corner of Wyoming. At this point, we were about 7 to 8 hours into our trip and the restlessness was real. I was ready to get out of the car, and moss and gotti were also. thankfully, he was a trooper and drove the whole entire trip. Think i was going to be driving that big of a trailer when ive never dont it before? BIG NOPE! so we continued up into where we now call home, MONTANA! We drove through a couple of what i would consider ghost towns, not much to them. Until we arrived at the town of Broadus, population around 4-500 people, to make our final gas stop.

From Broadus, it’s about an hour to our house. And when you drive about a half hour into that drive, you get into what is called Custer national forest. B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! This is the national forest that we live in. So about 7-8pm friday night, after a long 12 hour drive, we arrived at our beautiful log house home. Now again, moss received the best boyfriend award when we got here. From about rapid city i started getting a huge migraine, and you can probably guess that by the time we arrived home, it was horrible. So as i lay in the fetal position on the couch, he unloaded about 95 percent of the trailer into the house all by himself. Can you say keeper?! After that, we sat and ate our first supper, Campbell’s vegetable beef soup, on the couch and then passed out for the night. Ready and waiting to wake up and make this new place, a home.


One thought on “The Move To Big Sky Country

  1. Enjoy Montana! Im in South Dakota near Rushmore and believe me its a beautiful country both here and there. Just so you know ive known your daddy for years. Enjoy Montana


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