One year- 3 states- a ton of memories


That’s how i would describe the last year in review.  And i wouldn’t trade it for the world! If i have any advice to my friends and family it is to get out of your comfort zone, and move SOMEWHERE new. The experiences i have gained in the last year are ones that will benefit me through out my life.


As many of you have seen from my first blog post, we moved to the amazing and beautiful state of Montana in June of last year. I’ve never experienced big, open, skies that went on forever until i got into Montana. Coming from the state of Nebraska and honestly not getting out much until i was 25, i had never seen landscape like that before, and we were just in the south eastern part of the state! We unfortunately never had the time to do the things we wanted in Montana before we left (besides porcupine falls in the Big Horn Mountains, that was awesome!), but we are making plans to go back and spend a good chunk of time in Glacier National, and you can bet ill be taking plenty of pictures and blogging about it!

We lived in Montana until November when we had to make another move and we had to decide where to go next. Our choices at the time were to either Nebraska, where i had family, and had been my whole life, or to Oklahoma where my boyfriend was originally was from. After weighing our pros and cons of both, we decided to go to Oklahoma! I love my home state of Nebraska and i will always appreciate the friendliness and sense of community i feel there (and trust me, i will always be a born and bred Husker fan), but i was still ready to be on that new adventure i craved. I had already had a taste of the feeling of being and living somewhere new, exploring, getting lost, as some would say, and i needed more.

So off to Oklahoma it was. We packed everything in our 3 bedroom 2 bath log cabin we were staying in for those 5 months, threw it into a uhaul, loaded the dog and the cat i had rescued, and we were off on our new adventure.


Now with every new adventure, comes bumps in the road. I’m pretty sure that’s just life in general as much as i hate to admit it. And we’ve had plenty of them as we try and settle into life in Oklahoma but as i move to different states (hopefully this is where i will plant roots for a while though), I realize that every state has its own beauty. Whether it be rolling hills, flat plains, huge mountains, or deserts filled with miles of endless canyons… each state is beautiful. I honestly thought, before i first visited Oklahoma, that it (for some reason in my head) was going to be flat and deserty, ugly in a sense. But visiting and now living here for a good 5 months, I’ve realized that it is anything but. Oklahoma landscape is beautifully diversified just like the people that call this state home.


So to my friends, family, and to whoever may come across my blog, that’s “where jojo” has been the past year. Nebraska, Montana, and then now Oklahoma. I wouldn’t trade the last year and all of its ups and downs for anything. Moving to a new state helped show me that i can do anything i set out to do, and its helped Moss and I grow as individuals and as a couple also. If you ever have a chance to move to a new state, live somewhere different, and it makes you even a little nervous or scared, DO IT. Move. Nothing in life is ever worth it if you don’t take chances and aren’t a little nervous to start a new chapter.

Nebraska girl livin in an okie world

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”- St. Augustine



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