Turner Falls: A Central Oklahoma Paradise


Who’s all been to Oklahoma yet? Probably not to many of you, seeing as its considered a fly over or drive through state.

But this is me, Chelsea, telling you to get your butts down here! This state is not only culturally diverse but the landscapes here are just as different and amazing, from the grass plains of Osage county, the “little Sahara” state park (for all my dirt bike, ATV, and side by side friends), and did y’all know Oklahoma has multiple mountain ranges in it?! ill be the first to say that i had no clue until i moved here that is does.

One that you need to check out, and i mean ASAP, is the Arbuckle Mountains, just an hour south of Oklahoma City. This cute little mountain range has one of the prettiest blue green secrets tucked away in it.

I introduce to you, Turner Falls.


The falls, a 77 foot waterfall formed from Honey Creek, is considered the tallest waterfall in Oklahoma, although its height matches one in Natural Falls State Park. It was discovered by and named after a man named Mazeppa Thomas Turner, and the park has been a recreational area since 1868.

I just recently spent this past Sunday, yes, super bowl Sunday, at the falls for the very first time. And i’m telling you this right now it wont be my last. There’s so much for everyone to do here, from hiking trails, to swimming in two of the natural pools in the summer, exploring the caves and castles, doing a little climbing to get to honey creek above the falls, and camping and fishing!

I only spent about 5 hours at this gorgeous place before the sun set and i had to head back home, but i didn’t even get to see a quarter of the 1500 acres it provides to the public. I will be going back again, in the summer time, so i can swim and explore the river more, especially since Oklahoma summer heat is brutal, i’m glad there’s a paradise only 2 hours south of me that i can escape to! 51447843_10156928071654356_4367872888380850176_o

Things to know:

If you are going to go, make sure you make reservations online a few days ahead at least, this place sells out fast daily, and especially on the weekends. Even going the beginning of February on one of the few nice days, i had to get a reservation the day before going.

Winter hours the fees for adults are $5 with tax, during the summer the fee a little more than doubles, with options to camp and rent out cabins to. You can opt to get your tickets in an email and print them or do what i did and have them send it in a text form, and they scan it from your phone, super easy!

Unfortunately, this is not a dog or animal friendly place, so you’ll have to leave your pup or companion at home, or with a sitter.

Even during winter hours, i wish i would have brought water shoes with me, the water was cold but could have done a lot more exploring if i would have brought some.

Remember to bring lunch and snacks with and PLENTY of water. During the winter all the cafes, and stands, and even main bathrooms are closed. There are porto potties provided, but no where to get water or food inside the park, closest would be in the city of Davis.

Visit their website for a list of everything it has to offer and hope to see some of you heading to Oklahoma soon to visit this beautiful place, and may more Oklahoma has to offer! πŸ™‚


51547996_10156925974234356_3219126422698196992_oAnd as always, follow my social media account to stay up to date with all my latest shenanigans and adventures πŸ™‚

Instagram: @Wheres.jojo

Catch ya’ll next time! ❀






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