Sheridan Wyoming Firework Show

Happy Independence Day from Wyoming!

I’ve seen quite a few firework shows, all ranging from the Florida coast, to the Midwest, and now up to Big Horn Wyoming (just a few short minutes south of Sheridan), and let me tell you, ive never seen anything else that screamed ‘Merica more than this one did.

Now just imagine with me the set up: 75 degree weather, a cold Budlight in your hand, Chris Ledoux, Garth Brooks, and the King George Strait songs being played by a local band. Then you’ve got the scenery: 100’s of cars from all over (but mostly Wyoming, but i did see a Nebraska plate! GO BIG RED!), lined up in rows at the Big Horn Equestrian Center, with the beautiful Big Horn mountains and a gorgeous Wyoming sunset as the back drop to this awesome event. All while people eat at the multiple, and delicious, food venders, and the kids and families play frisbee, tag, and whatever else in the open field, waiting for the fireworks to start at dusk.

I had looked up this event before hand to see if this was where I wanted to spend my first 4th of July away from home, and the thing that caught me was the scenery it was going to have behind it. And yes, i know that fireworks on the lake are gorgeous, or on the coast with the waves behind it. But i swear to you, there’s nothing better than a cool night, with barely any humidity, watching fireworks go off up against a mountain side, WITH the moon shining brightly behind the fireworks.

The evening festivities actually start at 4pm, thats when everyone can get there, and the sooner you get there, the closer to the firework display you are as they line the cars up in rows from the people who get there earliest. We arrived there about 9pm, enough time to grab a cold one, listen to some good music, pet random dogs that walk by with owners (its a weakness of mine) and walk around the food venders. We seen quite a few dogs out there with their owners, and some advice to people who are deciding if they want to bring their dogs, they do allow them in there, but make sure your dog isnt afraid of loud bangs before bringing them. It does cause them a lot of stress, which is why we opted to leave our pup at home to hang out.

Big Horn started the Fireworks out right with “God bless the USA” by Lee Greenwood, and it just got bigger and better from there. If your ever in the area for a 4th of July, I would highly recommend stopping and going to this firework show, just remember they ask you not to bring your own fireworks. Between the good food, good beer, great scenery and even better people, your family is sure to have a good day celebrating Independence Day.

To visit the Equestrian Center website, just click the link below.



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